Why Aviation for Kids?

AVIATION FOR KIDS is not as much about Aviation as is about Education. It is not as much about Science and Technology as it is about Parenting. Initially, this site intention was to be an example of how can you motivate children to learn science through aviation technology. In time, it became a guide in using project based and interdisciplinary learning in your children education.

The content of AVIATION FOR KIDS can be used in different ways. Parents and teachers can get some ideas for easy and fun science projects based on aviation technology. You will find here short descriptions of different notions and theories as well as links to other resources for those interested to learn more about different topics. Also, I have included many suggestions about how can different fields of knowledge be integrated in one project.

In the LINKS page you will find many links to educational books, software and web sites. I have actually purchased and used all the products mentioned and you will find there my reviews. Your feedback is much appreciated and it will be included in this site.

AVIATION FOR KIDS initial purpose was to be a “virtual scrap book” about my son hobby. Gradually it turned to be much more than that.

While flying our planes and doing all kind of funny science experiments, I realized the educational value of these activities. It didn’t took very long until I’ve started to read more about interdisciplinary learning, project based learning, homeschooling and other topics that I wasn’t paying much attention before.

Pretty soon I realized that I could add even more value to this endeavor if I will make it interactive by involving my son in this project and share it with the world. You can read more about us in MY STORY page.

How is AVIATION FOR KIDS organized?

The content of this web site is organized around the idea of interdisciplinary learning. If you are not familiar with this check the METHOD page.

All projects start with a basic aviation related theme, which connects many other fields of knowledge. For example, during the FROG ASTRONAUT project you can talk about gravity, propulsion, acceleration, proportions, circulatory system, altitude, flight safety and budgets. It’s up to you how complex you want to make each experiment. As a rule of thumb, consider the age of your children and their level of interest in such projects. Don’t push too much the kids because they might fiercely oppose your good intentions (It happened to me!).

Use your imagination (here is where you can get a lot of help from your kids) and think of how different domains of knowledge can be interconnected. For example, I have used flight as a platform to introduce my son to different art styles (see the ART page) and to encourage his creativity. Also I pointed the many ways different people can see and represent the same thing (the flight, in this case). The PAINTING page is an example of how can you transform this activity in a highly educational tool.

Most kids are passionate about SPORTS. It’s time to build on this and let them know that there is a lot of science behind the spectacular performance of their favorite athletes. From the flight of a ball to the special profile of racing cars, bicycles, ski and nautical equipment, the aerodynamic theories can explain the well-guarded tricks of the champions.

One of the special sections of this web site is dedicated to FLIGHT SIMULATORS.Some of these flight simulators are free and some I have purchased. Among these, some have free trial periods so you can decide if you like them or not. I would recommend you to start with the free simulator included in Google Earth. Read more about how I have used this tool in the METHOD page.If you like the world of computer simulations go to SWARM INTELLIGENCE page to learn the secrets of a flock of birds.

Do not hesitate to share your experience in parenting and use the FEEDBACK form. Your comments will be posted on the dedicated page in Aviation for Kids site and might help other parents interested in their children education.

Site content:

My Story
My story about using aviation based projects in my son education.
Interdisciplinary learning is a method which can help students to a see the meaningful connections that exist among the many disciplines.
The school curicculum standards used in the interdiciplinary projetcs.
Academic standards in science,math and technology aplied in aviation projects.
History of Flight
How you can use the history of flight to connect science,art,history and many other fields of knowledge in exciting learning projects for your kids
art styles
Learn about different art styles and use them in aviation theme projects.
Aerodynamics in Sports
Aplications of aerodynamics in sports;theory and simple experiments
Frog Astronaut
Launch a small frog astronaut in space with a mini rocket.
The benefits of building collections for kids.
Flight Simulators
Flight simulators and other educational software suitable for kids.
RC Jet Plane
Teach flight dinamics with an RC Jet plane.
Use an RC Dragonfly to learn about ornithopters,coast winds and thermal flight.
Online Games
Play free fligt simulator online games.
Flight Blog
The Flight Blog keeps you up-to-date with the additions and changes to the Aviation-for-Kids.com Web site.Subscribe here.
High-G effects on human body.
The Bumblebee Flight
The bumblebee flight ? Imposible!
Lindbergh Navigation Methods
The navigation methods used by Charles Linbergh during his historical flight over the Atlantic ocean.
Interdisciplinary Learning
How to use the Interdisciplinary learning method in your children education.
Map Navigation
Map navigation project for kids
Kites are another excellent source of interdisciplinary education projects.
Time Line
A short flight history time line.
Time Line Project
Use the aviation history for a time line project that will help kids familiarize children with some basic principles of organizing the information.
The Baseball Flight
The secrets of the baseball flight:theory,experiments,simulators and much more.
baseball stitches
The impact of baseball stitches in flight .
Soccer Ball
The aerodynamics of a soccer ball flight explained.
The Magnus Force
The Magnus Force brief explanation
Science Projects
Ideas to organize and conduct science projects with your child.
Gravity and it's efects on life
Understand what is the aerodynamic lift and how do airplanes fly throgh a series of simple and funny experiments.
A short description of various painting stiles and suggestion for children aviation projects.
Links to usefull websites,articles and software.
Feedback form.Send your suggestion and share your experience in using aviation as a parenting tool.
More Games
More games for kids
Examples of schools that use the project based learning method and an interdisciplinary oriented curriculum.
Aerial Video
Aerial video and photography for amateurs with a small camera
Swarm Intelligence in flight!
A short introduction in Swarm Intelligence theory:the flock of birds flight explained .
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Most popular aviation careers and average salaries in US.