The projects described here are the core of this web site.These are some examples how you can play with your kids and teach them in the same time.Most of these experiments are connected with flight and aviation but you can try other things as well.

Initially I used only notions from his school curriculum and then I introduced some advanced elements.Actually, it will be hard not to mention at least,some advance notions from science while doing these experiments because everything is connected.You will be surprised to find out that your kids will have no problems absorbing this new knowledge.

Try to buy only toys that could be used better for a fun, yet educational lesson.It`s not easy because the children are tempted to buy a lot of useless gadgets advertised on the TV but it's worth a try.Also,with a little imagination, any toy and game can be used in an educative manner.

Most of these experiments can be done with materials you can find around the house and can be considered as small interdisciplinary units build around a topic related to aviation.

Frog Astronaut :Launch a small frog in space with a mini rocket.

Dragonfly :Try to keep an RC Ornithoptere as long as possible in the air by using thermals.

RC Jet Plane :Fly a high speed RC Jet Plane .

Lift :A series of small experiments about the aerodynamic lift.

Charles A. Lindbergh Solo Flight Over the Atlantic Ocean :Social studies,Geography and Math studied through the historical flight of Charles A.Lindbergh over the Atlantic ocean.

Map navigation :Navigate on a map using a protractor and a ruler.

Visual Time Line :Draw visual time lines based on the history of flight.

Airplane Simulator :This is a small airplane simulator build by a group of aviation enthusiasts from France.

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