My Story

In a few words,this is my story:

Everything started about 10 years ago. I can’t remember what day it was, how was the weather that day or any other details like that, but I do remember what my son’s preschool teacher told me: she said George (yes, that’s my son’s name) told her about propulsion. She said that, at first, she wasn’t sure if George meant to say that but, when asked for more details, he confirmed that he understood this phenomenon and he was able to explain how a rocket was functioning.

Since then, I have used any occasion to expose him to more and more complex concepts, to “push the limits” and to see how far he can go at his age. We talked about the speed of sound and light, about black holes, magnetic fields and computers architecture. He is passionate now about anti gravity and he plans to invent a flying machine based on this.

Amazingly, he seems to be able to absorb everything, if it is packaged properly. For example, we discussed about the Newton’s First Law of Motion while riding a merry-go-round, reflection and refraction during our fishing trips and other topics like airfoil or GPS while riding in a car.

That was the moment when "AVIATION FOR KIDS" was born. I wanted to share my story and my experience with other parents and to get my son involved deeper in this process (yes, we build together this site). You will find here the methodology I have used, the projects we worked on and many other ideas how to connect the school curriculum to the real life.

I am neither an educator by profession or an expert in psychology. I am just a parent who understands the importance of talking with his child and explaining to him how this world functions. Science is more spectacular than any other fields and probably, due to its experimental aspect, more appealing to children (remember the fun we had in our chemistry lab?).

AVIATION FOR KIDS is a journey. It started based on the knowledge level of a 2nd grade child and it will be updated according to grade level and the school curriculum. Everything presented here reflects my own experience with my son and was intended to motivate him in learning.

Also, I took this chance to understand his mind and to connect better with him. Join me in this trip and share your own experience. Have fun creating lasting memories and enjoy with your child the flight to the stars! 

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