Learn to Fly

How and where can I learn to fly? This is the question  any aviation enthusiast will ask sooner or later.

Every country has it`s own regulations but there are many places people can learn to fly a plane.In USA ,you must be at least 16 years old to solo a powered aircraft, and 17 to take the private pilot flight test.More than that,you can fly solo  a glider at 14.

Every time I went with my son to an air show,this is one of the topic I have discussed with different recreational pilots and  aviation clubs members.In general, a flight student can learn the theory of flight from books, videotapes, audiotapes, or CD-ROMs purchased form the school,on-line or mail order catalogs.Some students take classes only during weekends.

The basic training consists in four steps:

  1. ground training,
  2. pre-solo flight training,
  3. the en route navigation phase,
  4. preparation for the final flight examination.

Also,a medical examination performed by an certified aviation medical examiner is required before the final test.

Aviation students can use a study guide known as the Practical Test Standards(PTS) that describes in detail the maneuvers  you must perform on the flight test and explains acceptable standards of performance. This final flight exam is given either by an FAA inspector or another designated examiner who lives and works in your local area.

Also,you will need a minimum of 40 hours flying time for a powered aircraft and 20 hours for a glider.

The certificate you can get this way is good to fly a glider or a single-engine airplane in good weather, for pleasure, but not for compensation or hire.

Learn to fly programs for children

As I have mentioned before, aviation is also accessible for children and there are many organizations that encourage and help future young pilots fulfill their dream of flying and airplane.One of these organizations is the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA).

This organization has chapters in many cities across the country and they host the Young Eagles program for children. In this program, children between 8 and 17 years old can fly in a small plane with a volunteer pilot for about 20 minutes,for free.

At the end of the flight they will receive a certificat and an official Young Eagles logbook and logbook with a personal code to activate the free EAA Student Membership.

As you can see,it is not so difficult to learn to fly.The costs differ from place to place but you can start using the free resources mentioned above.


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