Frog Astronaut

Mission: Launch a small frog astronaut in space with a mini rocket.

Notions: Gravity, Propulsion, Proportion, Acceleration, Circulatory system, Altitude,Safety,Budget

Materials: Mini rocket, Solid fuel engines, Air pump rocket, Plastic bag, Small plastic container, small frog.


Choose a small animal (frog) and set the goal to launch it in space with a fuel rocket.

First, do some research about the physics of flight and rocket history.Notice the experiments conducted by NASA and the Soviet Union in launching different animals in space. Discuss the necessity of these tests and the risks involved.

Study the circulatory system and the effects of acceleration. Discuss the three stages of the rocket flight (launching, cruising, capsule deployment) and it’s effects on the “pilot” body.

Budget the experiment. Consider the necessary expenses and find ways to reduce the total costs of the experiment without jeopardizing the “pilot’s” safety.

Build a second parachute for the capsule by scaling down the main rocket parachute. Discuss the differences between different geometric shapes for the parachute.

At the launching site, check the wind speed and direction. Try to predict the landing area.

Discuss the safety measures necessary at the rocket launch.

Launch a pump air rocket or a solid fuel rocket. Choose first a more powerful engine to reach a higher altitude. Launch the rocket without the “pilot”. Adjust the launching place and launching angle according to the landing results.

Chose a smaller engine and launch the “pilot”

Good luck!

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