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As I have mentioned in the homepage,AVIATION-FOR-KIDS is a journey.New projects and new informations will be added on an ongoing base.Your content contributions can make this site a really strong platform to help our kids been interested in science and math.I hope that many other parents will consider this idea and share their experience in parenting and tutoring their children.Also,if you now any other resources relevant to the content of this web site,please do not hesitate to share them with us.

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George F. Bartan

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"Love your site! I too have a little guy who is a sponge for science and flying. I found this site while looking for new things to do with my son - I am exhausting all of my ideas as he is now 8 and wanting more.. more... more! Thank you for putting this site up - it is giving me some ideas."

John H.,Tampa,Florida

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