Art Styles

Aviation theme can be used to exemplify different art styles.For example,how can you represent the flight using traditional art techniques? 

Don’t try to discover the genius artist in your children. What you want is to familiarize them with different art styles and  make them understand that the world can be seen in different ways, by different people. Also, they will learn that they can express their ideas and emotions in many ways. This experience can fuel their creativity, self-confidence and empathy skills. 

Art is accepted as a universal language and children are very good to communicate with the world through visual messages. You can challenge them to express in different ways an aviation theme (the flight of a bird, the roar of a jet plane, etc). They might start by actually drawing the bird or the plane but the next step will be to represent the after effects of a passing aircraft on the environment (ex: scattered leaves by a passing helicopter, amazed faces of an air show public, etc). 

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You don’t have to look for art masterpieces. What matters is the method. Your goal is to help your children to see the world with new eyes and to encourage them to react in their own way. Also, don’t stop here. This is a good moment to teach your kids about the history of art. They will learn how each art style appeared, why and in what historical context. They will learn also about the life of the great artists and how did their perseverance paid off. 

If you want to go further, you can discuss with them about the monetary value of art. How much were some paintings bought initially for and how much are they valued now. How this can be?

As you can see, the directions in which you can expand an art project are endless. Start with a simple drawing of a wing and use your imagination and take your children as your companions in this wonderful journey in the world of art! 

Here are some suggestions how you can accomplish this:

Start by doing some research at your local library or the closest art museum. A lot of information is available online also but you will find that it might be time consuming to search and find ideas how to represent flight through art works. For your convenience I did that for you and here is a brief review of some major art stiles. 

Try to use as many materials as possible in the making of your art works. You can use in expensive art kits available in any store as well as things you can find around your house. A children craft book might be very useful to give you some ideas. 

For your convenience I did that for you and here is a brief review of some major art stiles in painting and sculpting. Use this as a guide and do more research on your own (together with your children, of course).

Painting : short descriptions of different painting styles and suggestions of how can you use these artistic concepts and techniques in your art masterpieces.

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