Aerodynamics in Sports

Aerodynamics in sports? Are Bernoulli and Magnus some famous athletes? 

The science of aerodynamics has applications not only in building a better aircraft but also in sports. I can hardly think of any sport that was not impacted by the discoveries in this field. 


From ball games like baseball, soccer, football and tennis to athletics, skiing, swimming and many other sports, the proper application of some basic principles of aerodynamic can make a difference between winners and losers. Throwing a ball along a curved trajectory or reducing the drag for a runner, all can be explained and improved through the science of flight.

Consider that we are all moving in an ocean of air and the principles of fluids mechanic applies on everything that moves.In an area of high performers when the difference between a gold medal and a silver one rest in splits of a second,everything that can bring a competitive advantage to an athlete counts.

The athletes were studied in the same wind tunnels used to determine the best airplane and wing shape.New techniques and sport gear were designed in order to reduce the friction with the air and water in order to gain those fractions of a second (sometimes maybe more) that will make a champion.

In other sports,the flight pattern of a ball can make the difference between victory or defeat.

In this section you will find some brief explanations of these basic aerodynamic principles and links to other sources for those interested to learn more. Based on these principles you will find some funny experiments you can try with your kids. They will experience first hand the “secrets” of the flight in sports get some tips they might actually use if you practice playing. 

The first sport studied is baseball but new ones will be added so do not forget to bookmark this page or to subscribe for updates (it’s free). 

1.The Baseball Flight 

2.The Soccer Ball:David Beckham secrets revealed! 

3.The Tennis Ball Fuzz

4.The Golf Ball Secret Exposed

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