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As you can see,the visitors of my web site are parents from all over the world.Also I have got messages of appreciation and encouragement from students as well as from well seasoned profesionals in aviation.

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I have a 10 years old daughter who i have introduced the idea of becoming an aviator as a possible career. after some weeks of some serious and play full discussion she has become very interested in the notion. Tonight I logged on looking for a site that can help me with a gentle introduction to aviation. I would like to thank you for the time and dedication you have put into this site and also maintaining it.
Trinidad and Tobago)

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.(A.K,India)

Hi, George, I was just searching for something about things I would like to create and apply in a project using my knowledge about aviation and project to develop a new aviation school here in south of Brazil, where I´m living today. I found your site with this great project called "Aviation-for-kids". I´m writing to Congratulate about your initiative and I would like to ask you if I have your authorization to capture some topics of your idea to apply in my new method which involves children in aviation since they are in the first years. It´s new here in Brazil. I’m a Commercial Pilot (King Air C90 aircraft first officer, Jet Training Boeing 737/A320 and I have ICAO 4) and I´m product designer too working for a factory. Again, congratulation! Aviation is my life and I want to share that even with children. I have a daughter, Amanda, with 9. Thank you! (R.L.S,,Brazil)

I'm Janice C., and I found your site super useful when I was teaching my daughter about science.  I homeschool Sally, so I'm always looking for good resources on the Internet to help me provide examples.

On that note, your site has been so helpful!  Sally really liked learning how a plane works, it was amazing to watch her go from thinking it was magic to basic science!

I let Sally do some research of her own, starting with her site, and she also enjoyed it. (…)
Thanks again for making such a great educational resource!  And let me know if you get a chance to put up that article, I'm sure it would make Sally's day.(

SHALOM Really a fine job George. Below is some background on me; and what I am doing in retirement....Choices…."When Did You Know"
I was born on July 4, 1934, living on Staten Island, when at the age of 9; I knew I wanted to be involved in Aviation. My parents helped me purchase a Thor model airplane motor.... really wasn't much good…. would not run very well even on the motor stand I constructed.... built u-control model 'high speed' model airplanes…. went to RPI to become an Aeronautical Engineer…. was in Air Force ROTC.....Graduated....was in the Air Force pilot training class of 57-H.... First flight in a ‘souped up’ Piper Cub was on
February 2, 1956…. Became a pilot after almost being 'washed out'… flew B-47's with an Aircraft Commander who had flown B-17's in WWII.... flew F-86H's and F-84's in the Mass. Air National Guard...worked at Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies, Inc. for about 40 years..... Now retired mentoring and 'teaching' aviation related subjects with elementary, junior, and senior high school youngsters; and adults in Dartmouth's ILEAD program…. Received the EAA Leadership Award in 2006, and in 2010 The Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award from FAA “In recognition of your contributions to building and maintaining the safest aviation system in the world, through practicing and promoting safe flight operations for 50 consecutive years”….. Have organized Airport Awareness Day and Young Eagle Rally at Lebanon Airport for four years and Dean Memorial Airport for fourteen years...continued flying in our 1976 Cessna 182 to travel, and fly youngsters to become a Young Eagle, an EAA program chaired by Sully & Jeff, pilots of the now-famous US Airways Flight 1549 ditching in the Hudson River.... My last flight in our 1976 Cessna 182 (N1408M) was on October 24, 2011…N1408M was sold on February 8, 2012, a VERY sad day; but I have had 55 years, 1,996 hours flying time with 1,762 take-offs and landings… much fun, challenges, excitement, and pilot-in-command time… Being in Aviation, and the EAA Young Eagles program (flown just under 400 youngsters) has been a VERY rewarding experience.(J.G. USA)

Hello! :)

I am a stay-at-home mom, always looking for fun things to do with my kids. I came across your page (LINKS) while looking for activities, and wanted to say thank you for creating it! It's very entertaining and the kids love it!(…)Your site is terrific and I'm sure my kids will visit it often! I hope you'll let me know if this resource will work for you.(
T.W. ,USA)

I'm a 2nd year student in the University of Colombo. I like this web page very much. I think this web page is very necessary to me as a university student. Please sorry for me. My English is very poor. I hope to be a teacher. This is important to me. Thank for you to share your story with us.(C. Shri Lanka)

 Love your site!  I too have a little guy who is a sponge for science and flying.  I found this site while looking for new things to do with my son - I am exhausting all of my ideas as he is now 8 and wanting more.. more... more!  Thank you for putting this site up - it is giving me some ideas. :)  How old is George now?  What "fun" has he gotten into recently?(J.H.,USA)


You have a very nice site about aviation. My son is 5 and he is fascinated about flying to. Took him for his fist airplane ride a couple of weeks ago. (M.

Hi George,
Very nice website, and some great content.  I have taken the liberty of adding your site to the Links section of Junior Flyer (my own embryonic attempt to bring together some resources for aviation education, also the part of a journey!).(D.W.

Hey there George,
So I just stumbled across your site! searching for "my child/aviation" - My 7 year just said to me the other day” Dad- I think I want to fly planes...y'know, fast ones!!...”I was so excited - I had to keep my cool!...I expose this kid to so much hands-on activities - model rockets/RC planes/balsa gliders...He knows I've flown in the past (I only hold a SOLO cert.)but to him I think I'm a hero - now I started paragliding...he just wrote his first book report in 2nd grade on the Wright brothers-(ironically assigned to him) - Although I haven't thoroughly reviewed your site, it's a breath of fresh air to see we're of the same mentality. I wish I had my Private cert. so we could make more trips to the field here in CT...but maybe one day I'll get it with him at the same time...I'm grateful for your site-based on first glance - keep it up, you have an immediate fan! – (
M.A.C. ,USA)

Thought I'd let you know that your site was featured on FreelyEducate.com last week (March 17th 2010). Thank you for offering your high quality free educational resource! (L.S. USA)

I am very impressed with your program. I thought you might like to know about our own learning booster effort.  Texada Island volunteers in British Columbia have organized an "AeroSpace Camp" for youth 10 to 15yrs.
The program includes an advanced flight simulator for older children, and a less complex one for the younger ones. Also there is a working wind tunnel, model rocket launches and model airplane flying session, astronomy basics and flying in a Cessna.
please see www.texada.org and follow the links. our intent is the same as yours-- to get kids excited about education... Bravo and thanks for being out there!(D.O. Canada)

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