FlightGear is a free,open source,multi-platform flight simulator project. It is being developed through the contributions of by many talented people from around the globe and it is one of the best educational flight simulator available( Oficial site).

I would say that FlightGear is the free replica of the famous Microsoft FSX and it has many of its capabilities.

  • · Over 20,000 real world airports included in the full scenery set.
  • · Correct runway markings and placement, correct runway and approach lighting.
  • · Taxiways available for many larger airports (even including the green center line lights when appropriate.)
  • · Sloping runways (runways change elevation like they usually do in real life.)
  • · Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes.
  • · Accurate terrain worldwide, based on the most recently released SRTM terrain data.) 3 arc second resolution (about 90m post spacing) for North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. · Scenery includes lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.
  • · Nice scenery night lighting with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas (based on real maps) and headlights visible on major highways. This allows for realistic night VFR flying with the ability to spot towns and cities and follow roads.
  • · A large number of civilian and military aircrafts, including an UFO.

Compared with Microsoft FSX ,FlightGear does not have assisted flight lessons but it`s documentation is very good( there is a  free  Manual available to download) and it will help you learn quite a few things about flying an aircraft,navigation,etc.

Also,there is a Flightgear Wiki available where you can find a ton of information about flying.

If you want more sceneries and aircrafts,there are many third parties and fans that offer that.

Overall,if you can not find or can not afford the Microsoft FSX try FlightGear. It`s free and its features won`t disappoint you.I can guarantee that ,by using this program,you will be well ahead of many aviation enthusiasts regarding any aspects related to flying an aircraft,navigation,etc.

Important information about FlightGear copycats!

FlighGear is FREE ! As an open source program,it is available to everybody interested to use or develop it.As a result,some "entrepreneurs" have re-packaged this program as some commercial games like FlightProSim, Pro Flight Simulators, Virtual Pilot 3D and  Earth Flight Sim.These games are agresively pushed over internet by numerous "affiliates" and sold even for $ 67. Since FlightGear source code is available without restrictions,it is not illegal but the moral of these actions are questionable.


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