Aviation careers

Here are a few careers in the aviation industry.The salaries might vary from company to company and consider them only as a reference.

Source :US Department of Labor,NCTCOG

Aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineers may develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and spacecraft.

Average Salary:  $101,120

Air Traffic Controller

Controllers usually manage multiple airplanes at the same time and often must make quick decisions about completely different activities.

Average Salary: $135,449

Aircraft Mechanic

Overall an aircraft mechanic works to diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and Pneumatic systems.

Average Salary: $54,657

Aircraft System Assembler

Routine production, assembly operations and inspection on structural and mechanical assemblies, subassemblies and systems, equipment and accessories using manual operations is a large part of an aircraft system assembler tasks.Average Salary: $50,111

Airfield Operations Specialist

Airfield operations specialists are essential to ensure airport ground and airside activities are conducted safely and efficiently.

Average Salary: $58,046

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilots plan each flight with the airline's flight dispatcher and meteorologist, checking weight, fuel supply, alternate destination, weather and route.

Average Salary: $146,554

Airline Ticket Agent

Ticket agents also take and confirm passengers’ reservations for transportation.Average Salary: $36,794

Airport Director and Manager

Overall the airport manager is responsible for continuously safe and efficient operations for all users of the airport and its facilities.Average Salary: $104,541

Aviation Logistician

Aviation logisticians oversee activities including purchasing, shipping and transportation, inventory, warehousing, and delivery.Average Salary: $75,672

Avionics Technician

Avionics technicians are often needed to analyze and solve complex electronic problems.Average Salary: $51,738

Cargo Agent

Cargo and freight agents facilitate shipments of goods through airline, train, and trucking terminals and shipping docks.Average Salary: $35,662

Cargo Handling Supervisor

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors may also assist and brief passengers on safety and emergency procedures.Average Salary: $51,470

Civil Engineer

Aviation and airport civil engineers work occurs in and on airport property and working hours may include day or night shifts depending on the project.Average Salary: $78,301

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer designs, tests and develops products and systems that are powered by electricity.Average Salary: $93,229

Engineer technician

New aircraft designs undergo years of testing before they are put into service because the failure of key parts during flight can be fatal.Average Salary: $58,801

Fixed Base Operator Manager

A fixed base operator (FBO) is a retail firm that sells general aviation products or services at an airport. The FBO Manager may supervise one or two people, or as many as one hundred workers.Average Salary: $90,375

Flight Attendant

Airline companies are required by law to employ flight attendants for the safety and security of passengers; corporate flight attendants may work alone in a plane's cabin to ensure the safety andAverage Salary: $47,023

Flight Dispatcher

Most airlines treat dispatchers like pilot cockpit crewmembers, and extend them this excellent privilege on an unlimited basis.Average Salary: $35,978

General Aviation Pilot

The General Aviation (GA) Pilot performs a variety of flying jobs. This will vary depending on the type of aircraft being flown and the type of mission.Average Salary: $87,948

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter flights are usually of short duration and helicopter pilots usually work for an operator whose services are chartered.Average Salary: $87,948

Operations Research Analyst

Aviation operations research analysts are involved in all aspects of an aviation organization or airport.Average Salary: $73,323

Operation Supervisor

Aviation operations supervisors can be responsible for a wide variety of airport related duties.Average Salary: $56,061

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator

To date, the majority of RPA operations has been for military purposes.Average Salary: $52,899

Security Screener

Airport Security Screeners conduct screening of passengers, baggage, or cargo to ensure compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations.Average Salary: $37,734

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